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We deliver on US territory, including FPO / APO and PO Box addresses.

Packages are sent via FedEx and USPS. FedEx delivers from Monday to Friday. FedEx Home Delivery Ground delivers from Tuesday to Saturday (if the delivery service is available on Saturdays). FedEx Express delivers delivery from Monday to Friday. Important: FedEx does not deliver during the following holidays: January 01, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. USPS delivers Monday-Friday delivery.

After sending the order, you will be sent a tracking number. Unless otherwise indicated, the courier will not require the signature of the recipient, and will leave the shipment at the address. Shipment is delivered on an ice gel, to prevent spoilage of items such as meat and cheese.

If you buy easily perishable products (meat and dairy products) or temperature-sensitive products (chocolate products), we suggest that you choose one of the following delivery options: Next Day Air Overnight or air delivery in two days 2 Day Air). For frozen meat products, the option of delivery should be selected on the next day; any other type of customer service chooses at its own risk. If you choose Table Rate, Ground, or USPS for perishable goods, do it at your own risk and we will not be held liable if the goods are broken. Table Rate Best Way With hipping is road transport. We do not recommend this option for easily perishable goods, especially during the summer months. We do not bear responsibility for easily perishable goods if no delivery is selected the next day.


During the winter months (from November to March), if the delivery address is within the delivery area for 1 or 2 days, then you can select road transport for easily perishable goods. 

However, we are not responsible for this choice. We do not bear responsibility for easily perishable goods if no delivery is selected the next day. If you want your order to be sent and / or delivered on a specific date, please indicate it when ordering. If we are unable to comply with the time limit, we will notify you by e-mail.


During the summer months, delivery is carried out in refrigeration packages with insulation, in order to prevent spoilage of products such as meat and dairy products.  The delivery price is determined against the weight of the package and the postal address of the delivery address. The price of the packaging material can be added to the delivery price.


Because of the perishability of cheese and meat, we avoid sending them at the end of the working week, so that the package does not spend the weekend in the warehouse. 
We send all orders that require 3 days of transport on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders sent by plane two days from Monday to Wednesday. Packages with delivery next day are shipped from Monday to Thursday. 

After receiving the order, the package will be dispatched within 1-5 business days, with additional 1-5 working days during the holiday. . 


Disclaimer on liability



We deliver easily perishable products. It is therefore important that someone is present when FedEx delivers such a package. We are not responsible for the package after the first unsuccessful delivery attempt. You will receive a tracking number to be able to evaluate the date of arrival. If you are not sure that the recipient will be present at the time of arrival, DO NOT send easily perishable products.

We deliver deliveries of easily detrimental products by keeping them on ice, in order to stay preserved for up to 48 hours (depending on weather conditions), after which they are subject to unfavorable conditions, especially during the summer months. FedEx can deliver to some federal states within 1-2 business days; therefore this option is acceptable. In other states, you need to choose a two-day airmail option or delivery the next day to keep the products in their original condition. If you have more than one shipment, please separate the perishable goods as a special order in order to reduce the cost of postage to a minimum. Sometimes we will adjust the shipping dates to avoid a weekend if it's an easy-to-break product. Although this may delay your arrival of your order, we are doing this for your safety. does not assume responsibility for deterioration of easily perishable products under any circumstances, or damage to products that are sensitive to heat such as cakes and chocolate.


We guarantee delivery to the specified address. If you provide an incorrect or incomplete address, we do not assume liability in the event that the package does not arrive. In warm weather, if the package is delivered to the wrong address given by the customer, and if the products are broken, we will not send them again


If the product or some of the products you ordered is not available at the time of order preparation, we will: 
1. Send you the rest of the order and return the cash difference or 
2. Replace the products with similar items.


If you order multiple quantities of the same products several times, we will send you one package of this item of adequate weight.

If you want these products to be packaged especially, please mention this when ordering.


We accept special packaging instructions. Please indicate them when ordering.


All returned orders must have an RMA number. The RMA number is given to the customer when he returns the product by clicking on the appropriate link in the order history of his order. The return of goods can take place up to 5 days from the receipt of the order. We do not accept the return of easily perishable products. Open products can not be returned. The cost of the postage during the return of goods shall be borne by the buyer. No shipping costs are REFUNDED. Refundable goods may be liable to charge a refund rate of 5-20% of the price of the item.

We do not send orders that are returned to us for the wrong address to an address different from the ones listed in the order. If the package is returned because it could not be delivered for any reason, and the products are not corrupted or damaged, we will return your money at the price of the product; we do not refund the shipping costs, and the returned goods may charge a refund rate of 5-20% of the price of the item. IMPORTANT: It takes the returned goods physically to reach us in order to carry out any of the above.

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