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Dabur Hajmola Candy (250 candies)


Brand Dabur
SKU: 1085
Featuring many of the same spices used to prepare the regular type of Hajmola, the Dabur Hajmola Candy aes well as black salt, this sweet, spicy and tangy treat is mainly marketed for kids. Presumably, it is a great alternative to many of the regular candies that are commonly available as it contains fewer artificial ingredients. Other tan the sulfates likely present in the black salt used to produce the Dabur Hajmola Candies, there are no other allergens that we know of. Forrtunately the concentration levels are fairly low and sulfates generally have a mild allergic reaction. The are also commonly used as preservatives in many foods, health and beauty products so if you have a sulfate allergy you will likely be aware of it and many wish to give the Dabur Hajmola and its candy variant a pass. The Dabur Hajmola Candy has a zingy taste that is quite delicious for the mango and tamarind variants and appeals to a broader range of tastes as compared to the regular Dabur Hajmola. Ingredients:- Black Pepper, Black Salt, Cumin Seeds, ginger and Sugar Base.